Ann Brough Referrals

Ann with President Clinton“We were contracted to shoot a series of corporate interviews in Washington DC on short notice. Based in the New York City metro area, we had no experience with any make-up artists from DC.

We found lots of leads specializing in bridal make-up (not exactly what we needed), and then we found Ann. After a brief chat on the phone we took a leap of faith and hired her sight unseen.

Here’s the deal: Our experience with Ann was 110% positive – almost astounding. Yes, she handily did hair and make-up for 13 separate interviewees of mixed gender and ethnicity with expertise (in a crazy time-crunch revolving-door situation). But on top of that, she’s utterly professional, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and goes above and beyond in every department.

So, if you just want a make-up artist for your corporate shoot, don’t hire Ann. But if you want an industry professional who will make your subjects look great, seamlessly become a part of your team for the day and add value on every front, then you’ve found your artist. Now, we just need to figure out a way to get her to relocate to New York.”

Steve Carafello | Creative Director | Green Iguana Productions

“Ann is always my first call for makeup. She always makes the talent look their best with her eye for detail, especially when we do commercial shoots where makeup is a critical element in achieving broadcast results in our final products.”

J. Scott Stewart | President/Creative Director | Resolution Broadcast Design & Post Production

“Braun Film has worked with Ann for over ten years on commercials, corporate productions and web videos. She’s a solid professional who not only possesses great skills, but also great client skills in dealing with both professional and non-professional talent. Truly a valuable member of our production team.”

Dave Braun | Producer | Braun Film and Video, Inc.

Ann with actor Jimmy Smits“Ann is my first call, go-to resource for styling and makeup for feature films, television, web and physical event work. Her ability to work with celebrities and government officials makes her a treasured member of my production team. With innovative thinking she has risen to any makeup or styling challenge from pirates to Presidents and I will continue to call upon Ann for her expertise in the field. She gets my highest recommendation for makeup/styling excellence and personal integrity.”

Joe Talbott | President | Global Content and Creative at Viva Creative

“Ann Brough is the first person I contact when I am in pre-production, so I can be sure I get the best. She handles hosts and high level guests beautifully, focusing on each person professionally and quickly. Backstage can be hectic and she brings calm. Ann knows what to ask as she understands the world of TV, film, and video production. She did a TV show that featured five former US Secretaries of State for me, including Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, that appeared on CNN in 2008. Everyone looked great and the show was a success. The production crew at GW and at other production companies in the DC metro area have her on speed dial.”

Grace Hall | Former Director of Communications | School of Media and Public Affairs | The George Washington University

Ann with actor Harrison Ford“Ann doesn’t stop working when the talent gets up from her chair. She keeps a close eye on the monitor and has an amazing ability to jump in for touch ups at just the right moments. We never seem to have to stop shooting for shiny faces or fly-away hairs. Plus, whether we’re working with kids or high power politicians, Ann has a way of putting talent at ease. She’s always our first choice for makeup artist.”

Michael Skinner | Producer/Director | Pendragwn Productions | Washington, DC